Write to write. Write because you need to write. Write to settle the rage within you. Write with an internal purpose. Write about something or someone that means so much to you, that you don’t care what others think.
by Nick Miller (via psych-facts)
I understand. That’s the trouble. I understand. I’ll understand all the time. All day and all night. Especially all night. I’ll understand. You don’t have to worry about that.
by Ernest Hemingway, Winner Take Nothing (via larmoyante)

Have you ever just looked at someone and thought, “I really love you”. They’re just talking or humming or watching a movie or reading a book or laughing or something, and there’s something about them in that moment that makes you think, “I just really love you”

I am better than I was.
I will be better than I am.
by (140/365) by (DS)

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Lang Leav, Love & Misadventure
I sometimes think that people’s hearts are like deep wells. Nobody knows what’s at the bottom. All you can do is imagine by what comes floating to the surface every once in a while.
by Haruki Murakami (via psych-facts)

A painting I did of Thom Yorke from the No Surprises MV
Oil on Canvas, 2012 
You happened to me.
You were as deep down as I’ve ever been.
You were inside me like my pulse.
by Marilyn Hacker, from Nearly A Valediction (via violentwavesofemotion)

Crystal Castles
Vorterix / Bs. As. / 2013
by haku-dg